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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 & p,3tuesday, may 17th.
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3 3
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pibee map 3 -33 - 3&ptwo peopll accused of beaaing a transgendered wooan at a --3 mcdonald's in rosedall could 3 aftee being charged...with a hate crime. crime.fight ats & natsvideo fftte beating went viral onn he wwbbnow,,two brrwn and a juvenile hhve been -& indicted
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on hate crime 3& to first and sscond degree assault charges. bothhwooan weee caught on tape beating -&pchrissy polis... kicking her ann dragging her across the - floor...olis ad aaseizuree while mmdonalds workerr looked on and recorded tte beating.. here's hht pools told us last month about the beating.. 3 3 " i couldn't fight offftwo pirls and come to find out one of the girls waa only 114it shocked. ifffound guilitt of a hate crimee. brown couud face -3 an addiiiooallteenyeaas in prison.. ppus 25 years foo - assault. opponentssof the maayland dream act... which ives in-- &pstate tuution rates toosome illeggl immigraats... will plannnd foo this affernoon outside wheaton highh chool ii silvvr spring.. duringg visit by lieutenant governor anthhoy brown.the controversial bill waa sigged into lawwearlier thiss onth. 3 you're signing so we can bbing - to refeeendum workiig hard o challenge the - stattes new law...
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3 ggthhr suppprt and get people to sign a petitioo to bring - the law to a stateeidd far about 400thousand people have equested petiiions.35 thhusand siinatures are needed -3 by mmy 31st. 3& we believe we'reeonn paae but we haven't done reaa 3aaways a concerr about what's valid and what's invalid. &plittle miittke the name is thrown out. out.if they cleer the may hurdle... opponents will have untii the eed of junn to get plmost 60- thousand signatures. -3& 3 howard county school -3 superintendent ssdney cousin &is stepping down.cousin will -3 step doww because of a neurologgcal condiiioo that has affected his memoory cousin has been superintendent -3& since 2004. he wa recently - treated for non-hodkin's lyyphoma.he plans to leavv when his contract expiree inn - juneeof 2012. 3 thh smallpox virus was &peradicated ii 9-80 but this week it's on the agenda at the
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wwrld heelth organizatioo.the organizaaion hassto deciddeif ii's time to kill the eeistt in two labb. control in theeu-s and the other russia.some fear itt -& could be used foo 3 destroying t is preeature.. 3 done on the virus. if yoor chhld has sleee apnea... and alss wetssthee& bed... having their tonsils or 3 obstrrctive sleepp apnna is commonnamoog kids witt eelarged tonsils r adenoids. researchers foollwed morrethan fourr hundredd ids with the condiiion for aayear after surgeey. they say half of thoss in the study who had sleep apnea and werre bed-wetters stopped wetting adenoods wwee removedd 3& you might want to think about removing your make up. up.a canadian environmentall advocccy group recently tested 49 makeup products and ound many of them conttin toxic metals like lead and arsenic.
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the chemicals may be linked to heart and lung prrblems and - some ccncers but the ccsmettc industry says...99 percent of thee roducts fall below safety limits. screaaing screaming & 3 a childrenssgraddation parry turns into a terrifyyngg scene.a violent winddsorm rips through a ark.. nndlevels a bouncy castle ... just moments after children weee playing n it.fiffh graders in tucson pere celebraaing their -& elemeetary graduatioo... when the castle goo picked up bb a -3 "dusttdevil"...which can be compared to a mini--orrado.tte sudden winds twisted the -3 booncy houss into the air, ann it was very scaay the kids were scrramiin, you know it's &psomethhnggyou can't ppedicc. yoo do your best to protect yoor children. & chiidren.a few oo the children had to be treated for bumps pnd bruises frommflyiig ebriis luckily... no one was ssriiussl hurt. 3 they navy seals got &&pworldwide attention afteer taking down osama bin laden.
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potential seals is reaching a mmiestone. mileetonn. 3 oel . smmth is llve & at the naval academy nowwwhere thhenavv ""áseaáá ttials""are underway. good morning -3 poel . good morning megan, (ad lib)
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theee's a new tio of tiiers toocoo about at the palm beach zoo in florida..he to a healthy litter of cubs week.what makes thess mlayan tigers even ore special is thha thhy aae endangered pnimals.theee are estimated to &ponly be abbuu 500 offthem leff
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in tte wild. -33 arr you one of those people who hates llud conversstionn -3 in public??urns oot... you'rr nnt alone. 3 an oregon woman is now facing -& charges... for her loudd incessant ceell-hone 3a boatload of trouble. passsnggrs aaoard a trainnsay phey grew irrrtated... by tte woman's on-stop ccnversation. when thee connronted hhr... she beccme aggressive..fficers had to escort the woman off the train.she was laaer ccarged with disorderry conduct. 3 therreare timms we've probaaly all felt like we could jst lay down anywhhre aad take aanap. nap.but ii's not lack of sseep that has these ppoppe layingg ddwn in strange places.what ahead. you're atching fox 45 good day watchhng fox 45 you're
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3 & 33& it's one giant eap...for frogssthe annual reakness pffog hoo is hoppiig into town. toww.meteorologist emily gracey is live with the detaillson this morning's - hotsppt.
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3 the preaknnss frog hop is at patterson park ttmorrow ffom noon to 1pm.for morr -3&pinformation, log on to fox baltimore dot coo slash morning. 3what are they doonn?? doing???( i just think it makes people feel important or instant celebrity." ) 33&por an een scalattr has turned ntt the latest craze.
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crrze.. yyu're
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m3 3 thh piccures alone are eeough -3 po make you go hmmm....people laying doon in weirr pllcees.-'s callld plankkng - and apparrntly it's oneeof the peeple fiid strange spots to of it.. it's a trend that started in engllnd...and has than one- hundred and fortyy p,
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3 3
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3 3 &p
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3 3 map iber map 195
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3 map llberty 3 grrduatioo eason always brings some ncredibll stories with it.and this next stooy is no exceptton. exccption.((""t was truly the - greateet ggft nyynn has ever giiee me")) me"))cominn up -how students at one university joined togethhrrtt make one graduatts dreammcome true. trre.and later... how mmzart and bach are helping a -3 neiggborhood store fight rime. you're watching fox 3& ((break 3))
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3- 33 waaking across the stage to -3 reeeivv yoor diiloma is like a rite of passage. passageebut as lisa ammn gulezian ells us.. for one 3&pgrad... it waa an imposssble - ddram.. uutil is classsates stepppd in to help. help. at uucc berkelly(nats) graduates walked into edwards stadiim. (nats))raduation ddy siigiiies many differeet - thingss--like adulthood(nats) and a uturee(nats)but foo 22 & pear old, austin whitnee - it peans - something ore - ii means walking agaan..this courageeus and inspiriig youngg man was determine to graauate ffrm ccllege and wall innhis - commencement."austin has been pheellhair bound since aacar crash in 2007.berkeley's oon teammbbilt ann xooskeleton - pspecifically for austin to use. and -as thousaads of & fellow graduaaee watched ...
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(nats)with the exo-skeleton -3 securely ound to his body 3 challenging steps - across he stagee (nnts))nd to his dreaa. "i knew whenni stood up here 3 would be diffeeent and it truly was.""it was truly he greatest gift anyoneehas evee 3the giff - was the braan hild of professor homayoon kkzerooni.even ttough he and 3 buill other, mmre sophisticated exoskkletons - this one, is's thaanthe ooterss"this - techhooogy can be accessible to a large numbbrrof peeppe -3 who nneddit and that's our mission.""austinnhas lways waated his accident to have
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thousandssof people around the wwrld." 3 arnold 3 scharzenegger and mmaia phrivvrrs split is almmst as behinn ii..- it.the decade-old secret 3 you're watching fox 45 good day balttmore. 3((bbeak 4))
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,3 -3&p3 3 3 3 3
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3 33 50 mapp- 3&ptoday, resideetssin linthicum will ight to derail the liggt they ay muggings have become more common and more viollet. trouble, thhy say, can be tracked... here... here...08:54 - nats of trrin praiithe light rail statton... &psits just down the hill from tteer's a dark and secluded rea.a plaaeethey criminals.they cite a recentt &pcase where the culprits violennly attackkd a victim. neeghbor say they've lsoossen drug ealssgo down here..- 3 21128 ""he oony reason tey're here is because thee're deaainn. they're doinn something. they're down ii the porner... doinn stuff."12:177 "things
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have been missing... carr broken into."13:01 "i know neeghbor had a bike stolen... saw hem gettiig on & the light rril with the bbke.""--3 bike."authorities have responded by increasing patroos.. but neighbors say & it's just not enough.they'ree expected to meet with m-t-a officials at north high schooo tonight from 5 till 8 o'clock to taak aaout the crime..- 3 forrer prince eooge's county being re-arraignedtoday. toddy.he's accusee of soliciting and receivingg bribes... in exchangeefor re--rraignmmnt mmans that johnsoo intendsstooplead guilly to at leest one charge. othee charges may be dropped in a plea arraagemmnt. 3& the youngest students aa theenaval academy ae reaching an important mmlestone today. and & for somee it is one o tte first steps towards becoming a navyyseal. p3 joel d. smith is live at tte naval academyynow where the avy "sea trials" are (ad lib))- lib) 3
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3 & 3
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3 the onald wwn't be living in & the wwite houss anytime soon. &pdonald trump says... he's ... even though he ssill thinksshe could have won. won.he says bbsiness is his preaaest ppssion... and he's not ready to llave the private 3 3 lady gaga finds erself onnthe
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other side of ppparazzi... porkkng as a guest eeitorrffrr a london newspaper. 3 the singer ffers her viewssoontopics liie bullying, phe earthquake in apan... and of course, fashion. lady gaga sayy: "i'm ust really really excited that i get to do thhs ecause it'' really going to show the world & you can do soomuch witt just one voice." -3 voice."gaaa says the 3 editing stinttissa chance to spread her message of equality anddempoweement. 3 he's been a fixture on ttlevision eveer labor day &pweekennd or 455yeaas.but this
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3 dytroppy telethon, foo jerryylewis. lewis.the 88-yeer--ll ccmeeian & announced he ill retire from theetelethonnaater this year. hh says it'sstiie for aa ""nw telethon era."the elethonnhas a different format thissyear too. a shhrter six hour primetime ssot... on september 4th onny.the telethonnairs 3&phere locclly on oor sister -3 station, thh c-ww altiiore. p3& chhck thhs out ... an aiiline passenger catches an aaesome piew offthe space huttte endeavour..ewwjersey native stefanneegordoo was flying & from nnw yyrk to weettpalm beeah when she reeorded this view offthe eedeavour on its last trip into orbit. passengeer would pprbablyysee it.
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p,3 forrer caaifornia governor arnold schwwrzeneeggrráadmitss to fathheing a chhld wiih - annther woman.this neww comes just a week after he annouuced p ssparation from his wife of 25 years... maria shriier. schwarrenegger aas he hhd the child ith a member of the -3 famill's staff nearly ttn yeers ago. 3 a store owner is crankiiggthee sounds of ccassscal musii to keep he crooks out offhii ohho ini-mart.researchhhas shown haa when chiidren hear mussc they consider offensive, & they donnt hang's alreadd being done in euuopp, and at least one train ssation here in the u-ss
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3 it wasn't a cat but a bear stuck in a tree that had fire figgters rushhng to he rrscue. tte ear was ssot once... then tticeewiit a darr... and when he just couldn't ábearr tto phold on aaymooee.. he caae crashing out of thh tree and & inno thhenees below. 3 give your carpets 3 a prrng cleaning.. for lees. you can ave 75-- percent on rofessional carpee cleaninn. cceaning.. you're 3 patching fox 44 good day balttmore.. &p3 ((break 5)) ((toss to weather))
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3 ((ad ib meteorologist)) 3 it's our mobidealloo the week!! - you aadeallfrom mobiddals... phichhprooides coupons -3 diiectly to our cell hone! phone! this week's deal comes from "preferred restoration.. get every room in &ppercent saviigs. 3 dot-com to et started.. oo &psmartphone.. parent coopany.. ssnclair p3 waaer conninues to spill over the mississippi ivvr..- ome commuuities are bearing the brunt of the storm on purpose.. to hell others. nats
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nats 3 and... they say opppsitee attract.bishop t-d jakes taaes -3 us inside his new comeey... 3're wwtching fox 45 good day baltimorr. & p3 ((break 6))&
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3 3 happening now... - u.s senate - hearingg taaking about pakkstann.. anddits rrle in hideeutt 3&p water from the mississippi -3 river continues to spill 3& poday. the u-s army corps of &&pengineers opened the morranzza spillwaa over the weekend -- releasing water hat mmy have flooded baton rouge and new residentssof greenville mississippi are expect to get hit with the &pworst of ii. &p3 greg black reports on ttose
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3 help save otherssdown the road. road. thousands of gallons of - floodwater?they wannaalift thher ouses and camps. homeowners innkrotz springs, 3 help. after all this is over with, f we ccn find a structtre that we ccn mark -3 we're going to arkkit and pptt flood of 2011.they live spillway.the army corps f -3enginnees began opening the spillway gatesson saturday. though it may spare heavilyy populated areas from expeese offthousands offhhmes, businesses -- and faamms.t hurts, but itt'sa ccop. we can pllat a crop ooer, bbt ii's -ptheepeopll fuuther south with -3 homes. their ppoperty's gonna pe destroyed. louisiana governorrbobbb jindallsays ddllarr to the statewide toll of agricultuual damage.but hh paiddthe decision to open the spillway has áloweredá crest projections in some areas.
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puuther north in vicksbuug, mississippi -- homes sit 3 old ailroad station is half - underwater.the rrver is exxected to begin cresting herr huusday.i'mmgree black ii the rrin in our rea has you looking for someehing to p movie? movie?movie nats bishop t-d jakes has theescoop on this famill fun festtnext.. youure watching fox 45 &pgood day baltimore. ((break 7)) 3& (((pat)))
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3 it's the ummer comedy on - everyone's llst."jumping the proom" ii aaout tww families froomopposite sides of the social ccrcle...who are prought together by marriage. -3sony picture gems is making 3 jakes available with more. --whatts the movie about?about??- --what's he movie
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3about??-who dooyyu play? --where does the title comee 3 ///ttg///jumping the broom
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3is in theaterr now. &ppnother raiiy ddy...when will we finally see some sunshine. sttvees got youu 7-day forecast...after the break. you're wwtchinn fox 45
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the best lacrosss teams in the state go head to head.. for 3m-i-a-a conference championshhps. tonnght'ss semifinal matchups at towsoo
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universittys johnny unitts stadiumm..caavert hall meets st. paul'ssat 6 o'clock.then boys''latin takes on gilman at 8-30. & 8-30.and we waat to get yoo in the stanns for free.the 4th and 5th callers ight now win for tonight's semifinal match up. uup and make sure you catch & baltimore.the game s friday - air it n a tape deely & saturday the 21st n the c-w'ssbrrught to ou bb p---c and "insiid lacrosse.""-


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